ISSN 0021-3454 (print version)
ISSN 2500-0381 (online version)

vol 66 / August, 2023

DOI 10.17586/0021-3454- 2017-60-10-973-979

UDC 621.3.085.42


A. A. Ozhiganov
ITMO University, Department of Computation Technologies; Professor

M. V. Tarasyuk
Institute of Network Technology, Department of System Development; Associate Professor

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Abstract. The problems of using corrective codes in traditional digital angle converters based on the absolute reference method are analyzed. It is shown that the problems are caused by significant redundancy in the code tracks number proportional to the block length of the code used, as well by the increased technological complexity of manufacturing the scale code mask. The above features usually lead to an increase in device size and to difficulties in eliminating the ambiguity of reading. A possibility of application of methods of error-correcting coding in digital angle converters with single-track recursive code scales is demonstrated. A generalized methodology is proposed and an algorithm for the reading elements positioning on the scale is developed for arbitrary parameters of block length, the minimum code distance, and the field of coefficients of the generator polynomial for the correction code. Examples of use of the described methodology for the minimum code distance of 3 and 5 are presented. It is shown that practical employment of error-proof coding methods based on cyclic codes always leads to correct location of the sensing elements regardless of the structure of the recursive code scale. For truncated cyclic codes, a sufficient condition for correctness is given.
Keywords: code scale, allocation polynomial, correction code, readout element

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