ISSN 0021-3454 (print version)
ISSN 2500-0381 (online version)

vol 64 / January, 2021

DOI 10.17586/0021-3454-2019-62-9-805-813

UDC 620.179.16


D. N. Bazylev
ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation; postgraduate

V. A. Romanovich
JSC "Diakont“, Department of System Design; Head of the Department

A. A. Vedyakov
ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation; Associate Professor

Abstract. An analysis of modern methods of pipeline diagnosing based on phased antenna arrays (PAA) using electromagnetic-acoustic converter (EMAC) is presented. A new algorithm of operation for phased arrays using EMAC is proposed. The algorithm can account for the reflections from the bottom surface of the metal and has improved accuracy characteristics as compared to the previously proposed diagnostic method with PAA. Experimental studies using an EMAС-PAA model and a test sample with various types of defects were carried out to test the performance and effectiveness of the developed scanning algorithm. The results show that the new scanning algorithm can significantly reduce the effect of crosstalk and increase the signal-to-noise ratio in the distributions of echo signal amplitudes.
Keywords: phased antenna array, ultrasound diagnostics, non-destructive testing, electromagnetic-acoustic converter

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