ISSN 0021-3454 (print version)
ISSN 2500-0381 (online version)

vol 63 / September, 2020

DOI 10.17586/0021-3454-2020-63-5-483-490

UDC 616-71

Automated Complex for Dynamic Positioning of a Person in a Gravitational Field

M. L. Podvyaznikov
Dr. Sci.; JSC Obukhov Plant; Director General;

A. A. Novichkov
JSC Obukhov Plant; DB Chief Designer;

P. I. Tolkachev
Automated Rehabilitation Systems Ltd.; Doctor-Therapist;

O. A. Viktorov
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Institute of Com-puter Science and Technology;

S. V. Bozhokin
SPbPU Peter the Great; Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications;

N. P. Tolkachev
Automated Rehabilitation Systems Ltd.; Head of Laboratory;

Abstract. An automated system for dynamic positioning Mechanor SA-05 developed and manufactured by JSC Obukhov Plant, is presented. The complex makes it possible to automatically control a human body move-ment in the gravitational field using a computer program that sets various directions and speeds, amplitudes, and angular vibrations. The complex is used for diagnostics and treatment of respiratory, cardiovascular, cen-tral and peripheral nervous systems, musculoskeletal system, as well as activation of microcirculation of blood and other biological fluids. Based on the wavelet theory, quantitative parameters of non-stationary ECG, EEG, pulse wave and respiratory rhythms were determined during dynamic orthostatic tests.
Keywords: automated complex for dynamic positioning of a person in a gravitational field, nonstationary signals, wavelet theory, spectral integrals



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