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Anton O. Rubtsov

Work place: Institute of Systems Analysis of Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Distributed Calculations, Moscow
Post: Senior Scientist
E-mail: rubtsov493@
Alexei Doukhanov, Ekaterina V. Bolgova , Lev R. Gervich, Vasily G. Kolpakov, Evgeny N. Kravchenko, Ilia I. Kurochkin, Evgeny D. Maslennikov, Igor V. Oferkin, Anton O. Rubtsov, Sergey A. Smirnov, Oleg B. Shteinberg, Mikhail V. Yurushkin OBJECT-ORIENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR CREATION OF VIRTUAL WORKING PLACES USING CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT CLAVIRE
The article was published in issue5(56) за 2013