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Summaries of the issue


A comparative analysis of method of maximum posterior probability and experimental information priority method as applied to estimation of quality indicators of complex systems functioning, is carried out. One of the basic advantages of experimental information priority method, namely the account for proximity of aprioristic and experimental data, is noted to exclude the necessity of checking uniformity of the entire available information. It is also shown that this method may be used in the absence of aprioristic distribution. With a known aprioristic distribution of the estimated parameter, the posterior estimates obtained by methods of a maximum of a posterior probability and a priority of the experimental information, coincide. Formulas for determining the gain in the number of tests and the accuracy of evaluation obtained by taking into account a priori information, are presented.


The specified indicators of stability and speed of the digital tracking system are proposed to afford with a certain small margin in its limiting continuous model using the methods of synthesizing linear continuous systems. Meeting the specified requirements for the digital tracking system can be ensured by choosing a sufficiently high frequency of the system mismatch calculating. If an unacceptably high frequency is obtained, it is possible to fulfill the specified requirements in a limiting continuous model with a larger margin, which will reduce the necessary frequency for calculating the mismatch of the real tracking system. The effect of changes in the parameters of digital tracking system on its dynamic accuracy is considered. Deviations of the discrete filter coefficients from the required values are determined with changes of the system parameters causing speed and acceleration errors. To mitigate the effect of changing parameters on dynamic accuracy, it is proposed to use negative feedbacks on speed and acceleration with constant parameters and to stabilize the value of the conversion coefficient of the continuous part.


An analysis of periodic cross-correlation functions (PCCF) of M-sequences (MS) and Gordon-Mills-Welch sequences (GMWS), which have a two-level autocorrelation function, is presented. A higher structural secrecy of GMWS as compared with the MS determines the preference for the use of GMWS in digital information transmission systems (DITS) subject to increased confidentiality requirements. An algorithm for formation of preferred pairs of GMWS and their definitions for periods N = 63 and N = 255 are developed. Mathematical apparatus of the theory of finite fields, linear algebra and correlation analysis are used in the research. Values of PCCF of various pairs of MS and GMWS are obtained for periods N = 63 and N = 255. It is shown that GMWS, forming preferred pairs, are formed based on MS, also forming preferred pairs. The obtained results can be used in the formation of spread-spectrum signals in the noise-proof DITS, as well as in the synthesis of signal systems that allow an analytical representation in finite fields.
Properties of indivisible uniform codes belonging to the class of equilibrium and the class of Hadamard codes are analyzed. The codes under consideration are widely used in data transmission and in organization of controllable discrete systems. The key characteristics of both classes of indivisible codes to be accounted for when building controllable devices and automation systems, are established. Formulas for calculating the number of errors not detected by the considered codes are presented. Characteristic tables for equilibrium codes and Hadamard codes are given. A noted feature of equilibrium codes “1 out of m” which is not characteristic of other equilibrium codes, is the ability to detect any distortions in code words except for double symmetrical errors. It is proposed to apply the Hadamard codes when organizing self-verifying embedded control schemes based on the logical addition method.


RESEARCH TESTS OF LED LIGHT SOURCES Vladimir P. Kuzmenko, Shishlakov Vladislav F., Soleniy Sergey V., Evgeny S. Kvas, Solenaya Oksana Ya.
Results of reliability tests of LED lamps are presented. The most critical reasons affecting decrease in light flux from LED light source are identified. The main types and causes of failures of elements of LED lamps electromechanical system are considered. The existing test methods and tools for determining the service life of a LED light source are described. The heating and cooling curves of the LED lamp at the hot spot are experimentally obtained. A graph of change in level of the black box illumination by a LED lamp depending on the number of cycles of its switching on and off is presented.
IN VIVO STUDY OF MINERALIZED SCURF UNDER THE GUMS USING AN INTERFEROMETRIC DEVICE Prokopenko Victor T., Majorov Evgeniy E., Ludmila I. Shalamay, Khokhlova Marina V., Kapralov D D, Boris D. Katunin
The possibilities of using an automated coherent-limited interferometric system for tomographic measurements in dentistry are considered. Results of experimental studies in vivo of mineralized deposits under the gum in the area of the maxillary and mandibular arches of the first and second molars are presented. Dependence of the reflection coefficient distribution on the depth of the gums in the absence of mineralized sediment and in its presence is analyzed. The results of measurements of the geometric parameters of mineralized deposits are shown to have an error less than 1 µm. A scheme of the automated coherent-limited interferometric system and its technical characteristics are presented.
A method of image processing using technical means of diagnostics, including medical, automa-tion, technical cybernetics, artificial intelligence systems and metrology is considered. The proposed me-thod can also be used in development of systems for automatic search, detection, selection, recognition and classification of objects by their images. Testing of the technical solution carried out using a model software-algorithmic implementation of the approach confirmed a high degree of efficiency of automatic image recognition by means of feature vector selection for high-resolution images recorded in different ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.
A new method for measuring linear displacements based on illumination of optical raster by a spherical wave front formed by a point hole is presented. The proposed method allows to measure the raster movement with an error of about 0.001 %. It is shown that the proposed scheme has a large displacement transformation coefficient and allows to register small displacements of the raster.


Results of correlation and dispersion analysis applied to the study of problems arising in the small-scale production of two-stage float gyroscopes are presented. Examples of the use of regression analysis for some types of gyroscopes, including fiber-optic gyroscope, are given. A linear regression model of accuracy characteristic of two-stage float gyroscope is built. A correct regression model is derived by the method of input variables extension with the use of the FD-factor, friction current, dynamic balancing and dispersion of the gyro exit rate at the final stages of thermal cycling. A comparative analysis of the obtained regression models is carried out. A possibility to improve the accuracy of regression estimates is demonstrated; to realize the possibility, it is sufficient to use four independent variables.
RECORDER OF CONDITIONS OF STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION OF SPECIALIZED CARGOES Dmitry A. Kiba, Nadezhda N. Lyubushkina, Alexander S. Gudim, Anastasia A. Bitkina
Storage and transportation of specialized goods that are sensitive to environmental parameters and mechanical stress are considered. A recorder of parameters characterizing storage and transportation conditions is described. Specifics of the cargoes under consideration determines rigid requirements imposed on duration of continuous autonomous operation of the recorder, frost resistance, readiness for immediate fixation of the fact of a fall or impact. A concept of design of a recorder that meets these requirements is proposed. The choice of cold-resistant current sources based on lithium-thionyl chloride with a long shelf life, low level of self-discharge and high energy density is substantiated. A set of sensors to measure environmental parameters and mechanical effects is determined, and recommendations on their connections to provide minimum energy consumption are formulated. A solution to the problem of insufficient lower limit of the operating temperature of the digital thermal sensor is proposed; the solution provides combination of the digital thermal sensor with an analog one. Application of domestic microcontrollers manufactured by Milandr company is justified by meeting the frost resistance requirement. The issues of memory storage and communication interface with a personal computer after a long period of operation of the recorder are considered. The recommendations for reducing energy consumption by software methods are given, using the capabilities of digital sensors to go into sleep mode and back.
NEW TECHNOLOGICAL TECHNIQUE ENSURING RELIABILITY AND STABILITY OF OUTPUT PARAMETERS OF MICROMECHANICAL PRESSURE SENSORS Tkalich Vera L., Mariia E. Kalinkina, Labkovskaya Rimma Ya., Korobeynikov Anatoliy Grigorievich, Pirozhnikova Olga I., Kozlov Aleksei S.
A new technological method ensuring characteristics of reliability and stability of the output parameters of micromechanical pressure sensors is presented. The reliability parameters of sensitive elements of pressure sensors are calculated. Results of autonomous accelerated tests and tests for reliability are demonstrated.