ISSN 0021-3454 (print version)
ISSN 2500-0381 (online version)

Ekaterina Grinina

Work place: «Processing Technology» LLC
Post: Head of Research Department
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Ekaterina Grinina, Oleg Zolotarev, Ilya Pimenov, Boukhanovsky Alexander V INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGIES FOR MASS MOBILE SERVICES DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT
The article was published in issue10(52) за 2009
Ekaterina V. Bolgova , Ivanov Sergey V, Boukhanovsky Alexander V, Sloot Petrus M. A, Ekaterina Grinina PARALLEL ALGORITHMS OF DYNAMIC PROCESS MODELING IN COMPLEX NETWORK
The article was published in issue10(54) за 2011