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Scientific and technical peer-reviewed journal 

"Journal of Instrument Engineering".

Journal of Instrument Engineering (Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostroenie) is published since 1958 by ITMO University (ITMO)

The Journal is registered in ISSN International Centre (0021-3454 print version; 2500-0381 online version).

The Journal is registered in Russian Science Citation Index, and takes sixth place among Russian journals in the category “Instrument Manufacturing”

In 2015 the Journal is included in Russian Science Citation Index on Web of Science platform

The RSCI impact factor for 2017 is 0.496

The Journal is included into the Higher Attestation Commission list ofpeer-reviewed printed editions for mandatory publication of main scientific results presented in dissertations by applicants for scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences or Doctor of Sciences in the following groups of disciplines:   

05.11.03 - Navigation devices (technical sciences),
05.11.06 - Acoustic devices and systems (technical sciences and physical and mathematical sciences),
05.11.07 - Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes (technical sciences and physical and mathematical sciences),
05.11.13 - Instruments and methods for monitoring the natural environment, substances, materials and products (technical sciences),
05.11.14 - Instrumentation technology (technical sciences and physical and mathematical sciences),
05.11.15 - Metrology and metrological support (technical sciences),
05.11.16 - Information measuring and control systems (by branches) (technical sciences and physical and mathematical sciences),
05.11.17 - Devices, systems and medical devices (technical sciences and physical and mathematical sciences),
05.11.18 - Devices and methods of image and sound conversion (technical sciences),
05.13.01 - System analysis, management and information processing (by branches) (technical sciences),
05.13.05 - Elements and devices of computers and control systems (technical sciences)
05.13.12 - Design automation systems (by branches) (technical sciences),
05.13.15 - Computers, complexes and computer networks (technical sciences),
05.13.17 - Theoretical foundations of computer science (technical sciences)

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The publication frequency 12 issues per year

Editorial board address: ITMO University, 49 Kronverksky Pr., 197101, Russia

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Journal papers are available under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial” License 4.0 Worldwide