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Editorial Policy

The goals of the Journal include:

  • dissemination of knowledge stored by the world community and domestic scientific schools;
  • accumulation of information on advances in various areas of instrument manufacturing in order to stimulate scientific and technical progress, and economic development of the country;
  • circulation of information on innovation achievements in instrument manufacturing.

Hence the main objective of the Journal consists in presentation of results of research work carried out by a wide range of authors from recognized scholars and specialists to college and university students, in all areas of theoretical investigation and practical design in the field of instrument manufacturing.

Editorial board of "Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy. Priborostroenie" adapts to modern conditions and promotes the goals and objectives announced upon the Journal foundation as “presentation of results of research work carried out at institutes of higher education, proceedings of inter-college scientific conferences and workshops; application of the achievements of science and advanced domestic and foreign experience to instruments manufacturing; organization of information exchange between high schools, research and project institutes, and  manufacturing firms».

The Journal is opened for all interested persons and organizations. The Journal Editorial Board uses to recruit fresh authors of analytical papers, scientific manuscripts, reviews of the publications. By prior arrangement, special (thematic) numbers of the Journal may be issued. The Journal isinterested in cooperation with researchers working in novel non-conventional areas of instrument manufacturing.

The Editorial Board imposes high demands on quality of accepted papers. Peer reviewing and editing of all submitted manuscripts are carried out in accordance with   requirements to publishing of scientific literature. On the ground of peer review, the Editorial Board makes decision to accept or reject the paper, or recommends the author to refine the manuscript.

The policy of the Journal has afforded forming of the team of regular contributors:  our authors are researchers and academics affiliated with institutes of higher education in Russian Federation, neighboring and other foreign countries, managers and workers of enterprises, post-graduate students. Realization of the policy has enabled the Journal to become one of the leading Russian scientific periodicals in the field of instrument manufacturing.

 Preprint and Post-print Placement Policy

In the process of submitting an  article manuscript, the author must confirm that the article has not been published or accepted for publication in another scientific journal, and has not been submitted to another journal for consideration. When referring to an article published in Journal of Instrument Engineering, the publishing house asks to post a link (the full URL of the material) to the official website of the Journal.

Materials previously posted by the authors in repositories, on personal or public websites that do not belong to other publishers, are allowed to be considered for publication in the Journal.