ISSN 0021-3454 (print version)
ISSN 2500-0381 (online version)

vol 67 / January, 2024

DOI 10.17586/0021-3454-2018-61-2-141-147

UDC 681.51,004.896


S. A. Kolyubin
ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, 197101, Russian Federation; Associate Professor

O. D. Zavodovsky
ITMO University, Department of Computer Science and Control Systems; Student

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Abstract. The algorithms for optimizing the manipulator trajectories with an excessive number of degrees of freedom are investigated. The goal of optimization is to improve the energy efficiency of traffic. Trajectories are parameterized by spline functions passing through given points, and the search for optimal parameters is performed with the use of the gradient descent method with step division, which allows finding the global extremum. The chosen objective function simultaneously accounts for the influence of the electrical components of the system and ensures minimization of deviations from a given trajectory in the Cartesian space. The results of simulation modeling in the MatLab environment are presented for the example of optimizing the trajectories of the mobile manipulator Kuka youBot.
Keywords: redundant manipulaators, energy effeciency, optimization of trajectories, gradient descent method, reverse kinematics

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