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Margarita A. Skotnikova

Work place: St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Higher School of Mechanical Engineering; Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Transport
Post: профессор
Degree: Dr. Sci., Professor
Mark G. Evsin, Margarita A. Skotnikova Improving the Design of Supports for a Rotary Viscometer
The article was published in issue4(63) за 2020
Margarita A. Skotnikova, Alexandеr A. Popov, Galina V. Ivanova, Galina V. Tsvetkova Investigation of Surface Pro¬perties of Alloys Using Indentation Instruments
The article was published in issue5(63) за 2020
Olga V. Paitova, Elena V. Bobruk, Margarita A. Skotnikova Optimization of the Structure and Properties of the Al-Cu-Mg System Aluminum Alloy
The article was published in issue5(63) за 2020