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Sergey V. Bozhokin

Work place: SPbPU Peter the Great; Institute of Physics, Nanotechnology and Telecommunications
Post: доцент
Degree: Cand. Phys.-Math. Sci.
Еlena М. Anodina-Andrievskaya, Sergey V. Bozhokin , Yury Z. Polonsky , Nikolay B. Suvorov, Marusina Maria Ya. Promising Approaches to Analysis of Informative Physiological Signals and Medical Images of a Human During Intellectual Activity
The article was published in issue7(54) за 2011
Michael L. Podvyaznikov, Flexander A. Novichkov, Petr I. Tolkachev, Oleg А. Viktorov, Sergey V. Bozhokin , Nikita P. Tolkachev Automated Complex for Dynamic Positioning of a Person in a Gravitational Field
The article was published in issue5(63) за 2020