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Evgeny N. Kravchenko

Work place: Southern Federal University, Department of Algebra and Discreet Mathematics, Rostov-on-Don
Post: Post-Graduate Student
E-mail: peon_sxe@
Boris Ya. Shteinberg, Vladimir Yu. Skiba, Roman B. Shteinberg, Evgeny N. Kravchenko, Roman I. Morylev, Zinovy Ya. Nis, Viktor V. Petrenko, Vasily N. Shapovalov, Oleg B. Shteinberg FEATURES OF REALIZATION OF PARALLELIZING TRANSFORMATIONS IN INTERACTIVE HIGH-LEVEL OPTIMIZATING PARALLELIZER OF CODES
The article was published in issue10(54) за 2011
Alexei Doukhanov, Ekaterina V. Bolgova , Lev R. Gervich, Vasily G. Kolpakov, Evgeny N. Kravchenko, Ilia I. Kurochkin, Evgeny D. Maslennikov, Igor V. Oferkin, Anton O. Rubtsov, Sergey A. Smirnov, Oleg B. Shteinberg, Mikhail V. Yurushkin OBJECT-ORIENTED TECHNOLOGY FOR CREATION OF VIRTUAL WORKING PLACES USING CLOUD COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT CLAVIRE
The article was published in issue5(56) за 2013