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Alexander A. Kulchitsky

Work place: National Mineral Resources University, Department of Automation of Technological Processes and Production, St. Petersburg
Post: доцент
Degree: Cand. Techn. Sci.
Blinnikov Andrey A., Boikov Vladimir I. , Vitaly V. Bulatov, Alexander A. Kulchitsky, Anatoly Sporyagin CORRECTION OF PERSPECTIVE PROJECT DISTORTION IN A TECHNICAL VISION SYSTEM
The article was published in issue4(56) за 2013
Bushuev Alexander B., Stanislav I. Tomashevich, Alexander A. Kulchitsky, Vladimir S. Vorobev, Olga K. Mansurova AGENT BEHAVIOR DEFINED BY LOGISTIC MAPPING
The article was published in issue8(58) за 2015
Boikov Vladimir I. , Bystrov Sergey V., Alexander A. Kulchitsky, Pavel V. Karev, Nguyễn Bá Huy, Andrey I. Smirnov PROTOTYPING DIGITAL SYSTEMS OF CONTROL OVER PACKET PIEZOAKTUATORS
The article was published in issue10(62) за 2019
Alexander A. Kulchitsky, Anatoly I. Potapov, Boikov Vladimir I. , 95, Andrey G. Smirnov GEOMETRY CONTROL SYSTEM FOR AXISYMMETRIC PRODUCTS WITH ANGLE MIRROR CONVERTER
The article was published in issue8(63) за 2020